Since the first moment when we started this project, we’ve worked so hard to show that there is a different way to make things and, even if it's hard to keep it over the time, our values are (and will be) above anything else.

“Chess goes ahead… and we’re always running behind”

Sometimes, growing fast is not as good as it seems… And, in fact, we suddenly realized that things started to be out of our control. After all, Chess started with the idea of being a small On-demand working factory.

We had to make decisions, readjust processes, raise our prices because we weren’t profitable, literally, and even if the feedback was unbelievable again, it was too late to fix our situation. How could we fix a problem from long ago in just a couple of months?

That’s why, we made the most responsible decision for us: stop until we could fix everything and provide Chess with the future it deserves (and we deserve) without giving up our essence or our values. Because come what may, we have to say that Chess will be or won’t be at all.

DESIGN - At Chess we take charge of everything. And we really mean EVERYTHING. From the idea to the design and from the design to the bag manufacture.This has led to us choosing a factory in Europe and a leather supplier from France fulfilling the highest environmental standards 

At Chess Equestrian we only use sustainable materials that meet our vision and values


SALES & MARKETING - When we say that we make everything, we really mean everything. Because Chess is a project 100% self-managed by ourselves that, in addition, is overflowing with passion, care and love.

SHIPMENT & CUSTOMER CARE - Every shipment goes right away from our worksop in Stockholm and you'll always find us at the other side by any of our contact ways. 

In May 2023, we will create a limited, unique and once-in-a-lifetime edition with three of your favorite designs that, by magic, was inspired by all the support and the hundred messages we received during our stop.

We believe that nothing is 100% sustainable, but with little actions and decisions as a brand, we can reduce our negative impact and encourage a culture around sustainability. 

Do not Stress on the buy button. 
Buy the things you love.